Corporate Eyecare

There is certain legislation surrounding eyecare in the work place.  You are entitled to ask your employer to provide an eye test if you are an employee who habitually uses DSE (display screen equipment) as a significant part of your normal day to day works.

Your employer could be part of an eyecare scheme that provides free eye examinations.  If spectacles are prescribed solely for computer use then cost towards them can be provided.  Even if your prescription is required for general purposes discounts towards spectacles can still apply.


eyecare plans intelligent corporate eyecare


We accept many corporate eyecare scheme vouchers including  Eyecare Vouchers, Eyecare Plan and Intelligent Corporate Eyecare.



Safety Eyewear

If your job involves operating machinery or operational work requiring eye protection, corporate eyecare schemes can also provide safety prescription spectacles.

If you do not qualify under corporate eyecare schemes, we offer a range of safety prescription spectacles for those who may require full eye protection. 

Whether it is work related or a hobby, keep your eyes under cover.

To enquire further about corporate eyecare and the scheme vouchers we accept, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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