Digital Retinal Photography

We have recently installed new Digital retinal cameras at our Acocks Green and Sparkhill branch. This enables us to take a photograph of the back of your eye, allowing us to assess and monitor the health of your eyes more accurately.


The advantages of Retinal Photography include:

  • You can see what we see; increasing your understanding of conditions we may need to explain
  • A permanent and accurate record of the condition of your eyes can be stored and allows us to compare images
  • Small changes that are difficult to pick up using traditional methods can be identified more easily
  • If we need to refer you to an eye specialist, the image can be sent with your referral

We’re sure you can see the benefits of this important service that’s available to everyone. Why not download the leaflet for more information.

There is a small additional charge of £10 for this worthwhile service.

For more information about Digital Retinal Photography, please get in touchnow

or email at: