Banks Opticians provide a domiciliary eyecare service. 

If you qualify for a free NHS sight test then you are also eligible to have an eye examination at your home free of charge.

The NHS domiciliary eyecare service is available to that group of patients who are unable to attend one of our Birmingham Opticians unaccompanied for physical or mental health reasons and therefore require a home visit. If you would normally pay a private fee for your eye examination, the domiciliary fee must also be paid.

We have provided professional domiciliary eyecare in and around the Birmingham area for many years. With the use of mobile optical equipment, our Optometrists are able to perform all necessary procedures of an eye examination under NHS agreement.

The Dispensing Optician and/or Optical Assistant carries a range of frames and will advise and recommend frames and lenses best suited to your visual needs. When you have chosen your frames, the Dispensing Optician will take all measurements required to order your new glasses.  Usually within a week, we can deliver your glasses, adjust them and ensure they meet your visual requirments.

Our Optometrists will always advise when your next eye examination is recommended. We will call prior to the date of your next eye examination to arrange a convenient appointment if a home visit is still required.



If you would like more information about our domiciliary eyecare service or if you wish to book a home visit, please call your nearest Banks Optician.